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13152850_1021201684636332_851167947_nGood, my darlings. Sorry for the delay, but just now I managed to take pictures with new clothes received from the website dresslink.com. Telling you about a month ago that I wish I did a few products and order, well I arrived last week.

I am very happy with what I got and I’m sure you too will love. All products are quality and I tried to do this to clear and picture.
It was the first product this beautiful shirt, even if it is not transparent thinner offering coolness in the hot summer days. Writing is done very well and has withstood the first wash, which makes me recommend it strongly.

And her dress is gorgeous, lace is very pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately my daughter was not home so I can accomplish pictures and she dressed. Its price is very small compared to the material it is made, which must be appreciated.

Bracelet combines metal material, to my surprise the metal is very strong, that does not seem like going to break very physician also does not seem like the bracelet to rust.

Necklace with little foxy is simply superb can be matched to many outfits and looks very cool. It especially like that is very stable and does not catch clothing.

I’m glad I can blouse, the fabric is very pleasant that allows cool air to enter, what makes it perfect for warmer days. The material is placed on the body very well and I really like, is exactly like the pictures on the site.

I had forgotten Eyeliner Pen Eye Liner two they are very pleasant to the touch and fulfilling their role very well. On top it is easy to add in your purse and use when needed.


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