Paradisul Florilor Fashion,yoshop Semi formal dresses for women and where we can buy them!

Semi formal dresses for women and where we can buy them!

Welcome back! For some time my daughter managed to engage as a secretary at a company famous in our country. Then we hit a serious problem exactly had to change his wardrobe. That is because a company can not go with a casual outfit but you need a formal dress. As you probably know secretaries must opt for dresses at work. With our site I managed to create several outfits, especially as I found many semi formal dresses for women.

Cold Shoulder Color Block Zip Up Pencil Dress


Nobody is saying that a formal dress can not be sexy. On Yoshop we have seen that there is semi formal dresses. Specifically not necessarily have to stop on dresses made from combinations of black and white. Now you have the opportunity to go on the colored models but retains formal style.

How can we create a formal outfit using semi formal dresses for women ?

We created many outfits with the author semi formal dresses for women, however an outfit managed to conquer me completely. It is shown in the image below.

  • I liked the dress because it gives a youthful outfit. That leaves over bare shoulders denote a touch of courage and sexy. I like the way the white, the color of innocence, combines with black. I always loved this color combination.
  • Therefore shoes and I thought I opt for the same combination. If you look a little more closely at the pair of shoes you can see that give the impression that there are two pairs in one.
  • An outfit is not complete without accessories lacks. That’s why I felt like a bracelet watch is the best accessory. A nurse should always knows what time it is and over the bracelet is very elegant.
  • I could not leave the site without a pair of earrings. Because there were thousands of designs I stopped on its snake. I find very interesting and I think these earrings would go perfect outfit especially if you opt for a bun caught the top of the head.

semi formal dresses for women Yoshop

dress: Cold Shoulder Color Block Zip Up Pencil Dress

Combinations can be thousands. That is why I invite you to first complete your wardrobe with the most beautiful semi formal dresses for women. Then you can begin to search for accessories and shoes that are in tune with the dress pattern. Thanks to the Yoshop you will always be able to work with this new outfits. What do you think about this?

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