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How to Take Care Of Your Virgin Hair in Autumn

How to Take Care Of Your Virgin Hair in Autumn?

Autumn can be a beautiful season. Crisp air, changing leaves, and the winding down of the summer holiday– to say nothing of fashionable scarves and sweaters finally making their way out of the closet. But there’s one thing about autumn that can spell disaster: its effective on your hair, especially unprocessed virgin hair. If you have weaves, wigs or hair bundles made from unprocessed virgin hair, you no doubt want to take care of them as much as possible to prolong their life. The following are 4 essential tips for taking care of your unprocessed virgin hair and Malaysian hair bundles in the autumn.

Increase your moisturizer. It’s essential that you moisturize your hair regardless of the season, but you really need to step up your moisturizer in the autumn due to the dryness in the air and the shift from hot summers to cooler autumn weather, as this can make hair more fragile. Increasing the amount of moisturizer you use during the autumn will help keep your unprocessed virgin hair from taking too much damage in the season.

Apply conditioning oil to the cuticles. The cuticles are especially vulnerable in the autumn due to the increased cold and dryness. One of the best ways to keep your hair cuticles looking healthy in the autumn is to use a quality conditioning oil directly on the cuticles. This helps prevent brittleness and breakage, which are significant concerns throughout the fall season.

Consider „protective” styles to keep out the cold. The cold can be killer for you hair, regardless of how its worn or where it’s sourced. The easiest way to protect it is to use a protective style that allows you to easily cover the hair with wraps or hats, which reduces the exposure of the hair to the cold. Even high quality hair like Malaysian hair bundles can be susceptible to the cold, dry weather, so protective styles are suitable regardless of what type of virgin hair you are using.

Wrap unused bundles. If you happen to have any unused hair bundles, such as Malaysian hair bundles, you should wrap them up for storage during the autumn so that they stay as protected as possible while not in use. The same should be applied for any of your hair products made with unprocessed virgin hair, including wigs.

Avoid heat tools and damaging products as much as possible.It’s hard enough to keep your hair protected from the natural elements of the autumn months, so you should definitely avoid using tools and products that will further damage your hair. This especially applies to heat styling tools such as hair curlers, hair straighteners, flat irons, and hair dryers; it also applies to any chemical-based products like relaxers, hair dyes, bleach, and even hair sprays. While you don’t need to avoid them completely, it’s best to be as gentle as possible and only use them when absolutely necessary.

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