Wholesalebuying review

It is time for a new review!

The other day I picked up from mail package from wholesalebuying.com. I was very happy to see how beautiful the products received. We had no problems with the products received, all arrived okay and I can say that are more beautiful than the website.

The first product that I have seen since he opened the parcel tax collector was this gorgeous dress. It is more beautiful than on the site, is a soft-touch, there is very little transparent top. Size was exactly as presented on the site. I was glad I could get fixed dress this time the sun gives us headaches.

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I tried to highlight the beauty of the dress received more pictures, I hope we succeeded. It is perfect for a hot summer day and although she has little black at the top it is still a cool dress.

In the pictures below are presented jewels they have ordered in this new package. On one of the fingers I wore this ring pattern is exactly like on the site and size matched me perfectly, I’m curious if resistant. Anyway it is a very good compared to the price that I gave him. Because the bracelet was not on my stock was allowed to replace it with this second ring superb. The pebbles are very well placed and appears to have a very good resistance. Also among the jewels received was counted and this gorgeous necklace. It is very elegant and going to a party especially if you have a dress especially décolleté blouse. Not least an ear we had this gorgeous pair of earrings. Honestly I declare myself satisfied with hypoallergenic jewelry, hair of very good quality.





Last item ordered was represented by this pair of tights, which were perfectly matched my face. I am glad that this time all products were of good quality and size we were right.

13510642_1050384038384763_167154741_n 13535732_1050384021718098_654047489_n

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