Gothic Lolita Bible

When most people hear goth, they instantly think about vampire series, but when the gothic elements blend into lolita dress design, this collision leads to a unique spark. Gothic lolita dresses have distinctive designs, outstanding that make every appearance a showstopper.

1) Gothic lolita bible magazine – overview

Gothic lolita bible magazine contains different styles of dresses. This magazine is a Japanese fashion mook, a combination of a book and a magazine, with the main focus on gothic lolita style. These magazines have unique pieces of content, which are also very entertaining and inspiring. This magazine is an invitation for every girl to discover the fantastic lolita world, Every model evokes certain feelings and dreams, and they are made to inspire. Each particular dress has a story, a unique design that can inspire a specific mood. Gothic lolita magazine, as the name itself, suggests combines elements of black gothic style and lolita style to express girl’s dreams and feelings. In this magazine are represented current fashion trends, a vibrant display of coordinates, and beautiful accessories. Girls find inside this magazine inspiration for creating authentic lolita outfits, from long goth dresses to the classic choice of short dresses and skirts and Lolita Girls’ fashion techniques. The styles presented are numerous and beautiful, according to each personality. Further, we will discuss two stars of this magazine, the gothic lolita long dress, and Japanese gothic lolita dress.

2) Gothic lolita long dress

Gothic lolita long dress is presented in Gothic lolita bible magazine as a unique feature. This type of clothing is made of velvet, lace, and as the name suggests, it is long for a more dramatic look. Often this type of clothing has a cape or train, in some cases made of soft material, transparent, which makes all outfit sensual. This dress manages to create a girly yet sexy appearance in one outfit. It reveals the sweetness of girls and also draws attention to skin, cleavage, making you feel sexy. The gothic lolita long dress creates mystery due to its unique features, the black main color, the exquisite materials used such as velvet or lace. If the model has a cape, the effect is even more intriguing. The lace details offer a peak look at your skin while the long dress covers most of the body. The corset-like top is fitted to your body and breasts, drawing the attention. This dress covers your body while revealing interesting, sexy details about it. It is a true statement of fashion and elegance, definitely a showstopper. Wearing this dress, you will feel confident and beautiful. The train of the dress will follow your steps, creating magic around you. The cape will reveal little of your face, letting the imagination fly. This dress will help you to feel beautiful, creating a mystery image, sexy and girlish, all in one.

3) Japanese gothic lolita dress

Japanese gothic lolita dress is shorter than gothic lolita long dress, with specific features that make it unique. Usually, it is made of chiffon or organza for a soft, gentle touch for the skin and a marvelous effect when you walk or dance. The material will follow your body in a unique manner. The top of the Japanese gothic lolita dress is fitted to your body, corset-like. The skirt has volume, creating a beautiful image, contrasting with the fitted upper part. On the dress are applied bows, usually in the waistline, cleavage area or the bottom of the skirt. Some models are black and white, with a white shirt made of frills and lace and the skirt made with black chiffon. The combination is very interesting and it is made to slim the body and draw the attention to the cleavage area, but also on the legs. It is a sexy outfit, yet extremely elegant. The accent is put on the beauty of your legs, but also on the cleavage. Depending on the model, the dress may have crosses print, in different colors such as black, white, red, red and black, white and black, emerald, burgundy, it can be sleeveless or not. If you like a vintage note, you can choose a Japanese gothic lolita dress made from velvet, with pearl details. These two elements create a sophisticated, atemporal effect. The neckline of this type of dress has unique features, and it can be decorated with frills, white lace, in the shape of peter pan collar, or they even have pieces of jewelry for a little bit of sparkle and glam. These models are graceful and chic, will make you feel like a lolita princess.

Among the favorites is Aria Series Short Gothic lolita dress, a unique piece created with chiffon in black and white design. This dress has underneath a white like-shirt with short sleeves and an exquisite bow detail in the middle of the collar. The upper part is black, made from two parts, which create an intriguing contrast. The waistline is put in evidence by a satin bow, long. At the bottom of the dress, it has two stylized crosses made with white lace. The overall effect is outstanding. This Japanese gothic lolita dress is a must-have in your wardrobe, adequate for day time outfits. Its pure lines and elegant details make it a showstopper.

Gothic lolita bible magazine reveals the latest trends in the lolita fashion, but also timeless pieces, extremely elegant. From the different types of lolita dresses featured in this magazine, the gothic lolita long dress and Japanese gothic lolita dress are among the favorites choices among fans. These dresses have unique features that make you feel at the same time girlish and sexy. Add these dresses in your wardrobe to play a little with the trends. Have fun with them, mix with different accessories, and involve yourself in sensuality and mystery. Create an intriguing outfit that will stand out from the crowd and say something about your powerful personality, while exploring your feminine side, which must not be neglected. Elegance is about feeling confident in the clothes you wear, and these lolita dresses will offer you this trait.

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